About us

Premium Chauffeur Drive is a car rental company that provides luxury car rental services and it was born out of the desire to offer to customers superior quality services compared with those available on the local market.

We believe that the role of a "chauffeur drive service" is more important than just carrying people from point A to point B, and our goal is to offer our clients an exceptional experience that will make them return, without hesitation, to our company's services.
We commit ourselves to raising the standards of this type of service and we are determined to demonstrate that the mission and values ​​we guide our activity after, and the benefits we offer to our clients do not remain just dreams and made-up words, but they will materialize in the way in which we operate and we conduct our business.
We cover a wide range of transport services, tailored to the type and needs of each customer, with the goal of achieving and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction and even pleasantly surprising them on every occasion.

Our car fleet is exclusively composed of premium limousines and minivans (Mercedes-Benz and BMW from late 2015 onwards) which provide a superior level of comfort and utilities. Car maintenance checks are performed on a regular basis, the safety and the comfort of our customers being one of our top priorities.
Our drivers show impeccable professional conduct, have a clean driver's license for at least 10 years and also extensive experience in dealing with Romanian and foreign clients - tourists, businessmen and public persons. All drivers are English speakers, among other EU languages and their attention is continuously channeled to the needs and demands of the customer, in the desire to ensure the best conditions during the journey.

They have certificates issued by the Romanian Road Authority in accordance to Romania/EU legislation and are constantly trained to be up-to-date with the latest trends in the field. Our chauffeurs’ training includes aspects related to defensive driving, first aid, health and safety, and other topics that can help them carry out their work to the highest standards. Compulsory driver’s attire is business: black suit, white shirt, tie and black shoes. Prior to hiring, all are drivers are subject to a complex recruitment process that includes a bilingual English / Romanian interview, driving test, criminal record verification, and medical and psychological testing.
We will not stray from the principles according to which we operate and from the quality standards we aim to maintain, both from the point of view of the cars available for the clients and the staff employed.

We want to continuously improve our performance, which is why we encourage our clients to send us their feedback at office@premium-drive.ro. Any appreciation will give us confidence that we are on the right track and any improvement recommendation will enhance the progress of our business, which will positively affect the satisfaction of our clients.

Thank you for taking the time to read our short story and hopefully you will give us the chance to show you that we can be a trustworthy partner!

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